About me

Hi there,

My name is Neals and are an IT – professional from The Netherlands. I’m currently 32 years old and living with my girlfriend and our beautiful daughter in Sneek, a little town in the north.

My interest goes out to mobile development, backend development and occasional some system-administration.  At this moment I’m working at a small IT-department which needed me to act as a jack of all trades IT guy.

I also own a small company in which I pick up some web development or web-design. I’ll only get a small revenue out of it, so it’s more a hobby kind of thing.

Besides programming, I’m also active in the musical scene, enjoying some of the harder genres like Punkrock and Metal. I’m also an avid motorcycle enthusiast and currently owning a Triumph Speed Triple.

I started this blog inspired by an post from Simon Reimler, and after some thinking I can only say that this is a really good idea. First of all since it is a good way to gain new skills by explaining them. I’m also a sole developer in the company where I work, so I think it is also a great idea to start expanding my network.

My blog will mostly contain some ideas, some scenarios most developers will encounter and opinions about tech.